Hi, I'm Emman/Emmanuel

A self-taught marketing strategist from Montréal, millennial, introvert, philosopher, minimalist & francophone.

People also find it weird that I eat pasta with mayo. ‘Mayo’ is definitely a verb in my book.

If you're a firm owner and if you've ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you're in the right place.

”Most of my new clients come from referrals. What if referrals dry up, then what?”

“We mostly get hired for compliance or tax work. It’s not profitable & my team doesn’t enjoy it much. Team culture is dying. What now?”

“Cheap tax work, problematic clients, crazy tax seasons, 60-hour work weeks, personal life in shambles, is this it?”

”I almost feel like I always have to offer discounts to win clients over. What am I doing wrong?”

”What should i do on social media? I’ve heard of TikTok or TakTak, but that’s just not for me. What else is there?”

Now, what if you were to never ask yourself those questions again?

What if you could generate more sales conversations, get paid 3-5x more and decrease your working hours in the process?

And I’m speaking facts here, not hype.

All you need is to change your approach about marketing and only attract high-paying clients.

The preferred approach I use and recommend to clients is called AuthorityUX. You can read more about it here.


What's my story and how did I end up being a marketer?

I’ve always been interested by marketing and the psychology of selling.

My passion for this truly began when I was first exposed to the teaching style of a marketer named Frank Kern. This was back in 2013, and I remember being in awe of his charisma and ability to engage with his audience. I remember telling myself “…wait, you’re telling me people get to be as cool as this guy and make a living doing this consulting stuff?!?  — SIGN me up!!’

Frank Kern is truly an inspiration to me, and if you want to witness his teaching style and charisma for yourself, you can easily find videos of him on YouTube by searching for his name.

This is his best interview (Youtube link) to date in my opinion.

Why do I only work with accounting firm owners?

In all honesty, the accounting industry is far behind when it comes to all things digital marketing.

I’m not going to pretend like I can change the whole industry by myself. But I want to be part of the movement that’ll bring it up to speed. It certainly isn’t a quick fix, but with time and consistency, we can make some real change happen.

That is what Simon Sinek calls a ‘why’ and it so happens to be mine. That said, here are a few more reasons why I chose to niche in the accounting industry:

  • REASON #1: we’re both in the relationship business. Our impact and income is directly proportional to the amount of goodwill we have in the marketplace. When clients think of us, it’s most likely because they want to save on time, money, energy and resources. Or simply to make more money!
  • REASON #2: most of your clients don’t understand the accounting/finance jargon and that’s people like me. Often times, this leads to misaligned messaging and not communicating your value properly. It’s always a good idea to have someone with a fresh set of eyes (preferably a non-accountant person) to review your marketing material. As they say, sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees.
  • REASON #3: it’s been said that most firm owners can be heavily introverted. According to society, people like us (yup, i’m also an introvert) can’t be successful business owners. Or even worse, that we can’t be great at this marketing stuff. Well, I guess that might need some adjusting because we’re still here and aren’t going anywhere! I am you, I was you and I understand you.
  • REASON #4: we both can’t stand lame marketing tactics. That’s things like cold outreach or any methods evolving around the idea of having to be salesy and pushy to close a sale.
  • REASON #5: the next generation of business owners are millennials. I’ve worked with millennials for over 16 years back in my 9-5 days. It also happens that I’m a millennial. I can share different ways on how you can win us over as clients.

What makes me different from other marketers?

What’s unique about me is my approach about lead generation. It’s called AuthorityUX and you can read more about it here.

Define happiness, what is it for me?

  • Happiness for me is being healthy to be able to enjoy our limited time on this planet. Without health, we’re nothing.
  • Happiness is being able to share moments with the people we love. 
  • Happiness is living up to our potential and living life on our own terms #EntrepreneursKnow
  • Happiness is about being present in a moment vs. posting it on social media for others to enjoy 
  • Lastly, happiness is about creating time freedom for ourselves and not being a slave to our businesses. We can always make more money, but can never turn the clock back.

What do I think ''being an ethical brand'' means, in today’s day and age?

It means the brand is authentic, genuine, transparent, gives without expecting, and always overdelivers. Now that I’m a personal brand, I have to hold myself to these same standards.

Why am I so confident that I can get you results?

Because the language of marketing is universal. You’re not selling accounting & finance services to birds or chihuahuas. You’re selling to humans.

Last time I checked, as humans, we’re all wired the same. And that’s whether we’re thinking about buying accounting services or the latest $4000 MacBook Pro.

What else do people not know about me?

  • That I’ve probably watched Inception (the movie) 100 times now. I believe this what led to this marketing strategist journey thing of mine. If you watch the movie closely, you’ll notice it’s a perfect depiction of a marketing funnel.
    • I guess some of us need a big studio movie to inspire our creative career path. No shame in that!
  • That I ask myself daily if we’re alone in the universe. I believe to have gotten that idea from another great movie called Contact (1997) – Probably one of my top 5!
  • That I’m a big fan of Simon Sinek. It’s only through his teachings that i gained control over my ego. I’ll forever be grateful and pay his work forward!

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