What's the AuthorityUX™ Method & why is it unique?

AuthorityUX™ is a methodology I founded on how firm owners can systematize their client acquisition processes. But a better question might be ‘why is it unique & why is that to your benefit?‘ 

I’ll share more on that in a moment, but can I also ask you a quick question?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

Those are valid concerns.

And here is how AuthorityUX™ can fix them:

No More Cheap Work Or Clients

Having pricing power through bundled services just so you can get up to 80% gross profit

No More Crazy Busy Seasons

High-paying clients means less clients, higher margins & sub-40 hour work weeks

Finally Have Dream Clients & Talent

Leveraging content creation to attract dream clients. More brand visibility also attracts quality talent

Ok, but how is this any different?

  • NICHING: if we’re being honest, it’d be very unlikely for a client to pay $7K-$50K annually to an accounting firm, if they weren’t convinced of the value. From experience, that value only comes from industry-expertise, which is in the art of niching down. And that’s exactly what’s in AuthorityUX™: a multiple step process on how to niche down, market indicators and a coach who walks the walk.
  • SHORTEN YOUR SALES CYCLE: the average B2B sale takes anywhere between 4-6 months. In the accounting industry, that number is probably closer to 16+ months on average. The program covers a few methods you can use to speed up your sales cycle.
  • OFFER & POSITIONING: most burnout firms bring home ~15% in net profits on average & make up to ~$100K in revenue per employee. Those numbers can usually be the double or triple of their averages if a firm has a good offer & positioning in place. There is an entire chapter on this in AuthorityUX™.
  • SAVE TIME: the average person can take 2+ years to build confidence & call themselves an expert in a niche. Through AuthorityUX™, you’ll be able to cut that down to 12-20 weeks!
  • LEVERAGED CONTENT: most people burn out trying to post on all social media platforms. You’re a busy firm owner, not an influencer! In AuthorityUX™, you’ll have my process on leveraged content creation!
  • ORDER IN CHAOS: we’ve all seen cases where marketing decisions were made in the wrong sequence, resulting in wasted time, money & energy. You guessed it, that’s also part of the program!
  • SPEAK THE TECH: understanding the tech needed to systematize your marketing can be a daunting task. This comes naturally to me as I built 100% of all my client acquisition funnels. I got you covered!
  • DRIVE MORE CONVERSIONS: optimizing all systems to drive more sales doesn’t come easy for non-strategists. Whether that’s through content, design & user-experience, I got you covered!

See below for exactly how AuthorityUX compares to other lead generation methods.

AuthorityUX™ vs Traditional Methods

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Firms that have been operating for a minimum of 1-2 years and have at least 1 employee
  • Forward-thinking/cloud accounting firms 
  • Firms that offer higher-value services. Such as tax planning, tax resolution, CFO services, profit coaching etc..
  • Firms that always wanted to offer fractional CFO services. But no guide on how these services could be marketed
  • Firms that want to offer subscription services and increase their enterprise value.

My business model is more like a Done-With-You service. Meaning that I’m here to super-charge you and your internal team.

I do 70% of the work and you do the other 30%.

Running things in-house will always be better than relying on outside help. This is why a done-with-you model might bring the highest return on your investment!

Think of me like the architect behind your entire marketing infrastructure. I design the plans, provide strategic insights and help you with all things strategy-related. Once we have clear direction of where the ship is headed, we then get into implementation. 

For more information about my program, I’ll be referring you to this page.

Hope this helps!

How it works

Let's score your marketing

Let's assess what's been missing in your marketing with a 60-second quiz & let's give it a score!


Book a free call

With your score, you'll be invited to book a call just so that we can discuss a plan on how to fix it.


Implementation & execution

From there, we'll work together on building you a predictable 24-7 lead-gen machine! No more guessing games!


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