It's time to get un-stuck!

Let’s be honest, marketing can be confusing at times. Not only that, but some tactics can be time-consuming and attract low-budget clients.
Often times, this can lead to an overwhelming sense of being stuck and out of options.
But I got you covered! I’m offering a limited number of consulting plans below to help you get traction this quarter!

Available programs

AuthorityUX OS™

Most Popular



AuthorityUX IQ™

For existing clients only


60-days billing

30,000-foot view

AuthorityUX is executed in 4 phases:

1. Identifying your who

I help you identify your niche through market research. This also suggests we’ll be working on messaging & your website.

2. Identifying your what

I help you create a unique & transformational offer for that niche​. Basically all things positioning!

3. Demand creation

We then transition into creating demand & convert it into booked calls on your calendar. This is done through podcast interviews, Youtube & paid Ads

4. Ongoing advisory

When we get into creating demand, questions will come up and you’ll need someone to guide you through decision making. I’ll be there to answer your questions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.








Ads & Content



Ongoing advisory



Frequently asked questions

Why not hire a marketing agency vs working with you?


The thing is that being the face of your firm is not a marketing activity that can be outsourced to an agency. Even if you were to do that, you would automatically lose your business to them and become their employee.

They’d be positioned like Uber and you’d be the Uber driver. Or like Amazon, and you’d be the Amazon seller on their platform.

To circle back on that analogy, there is nothing wrong in being an Uber driver or Amazon seller, except that there will always be a cap to how much you can and cannot do.

Lastly, tactical marketing tasks like web design, video editing etc..can be 100% outsourced to marketing agencies! But strategy work is unlikely to be outsourced!

What guarantee do I have that you can deliver?

Fair question.

Let’s put it this way: If I have to make a promise that I can solve a problem in someone else’s business, I first need to have solved that problem inside of my own business.

Said differently, I solve my own marketing problems first and then document the entire process inside of my own program. Given that the marketing and accounting industry are different in their own ways, all the teachings are fine-tuned to appeal to accountants and fractional CFOs.

That’s the best way I can answer that question.

Can you do my marketing for me?

I don’t offer Done-For-You marketing services. Agencies are best for that.

The program fits well with firms that do have their own marketing teams in place. During implementation, tactical work such as web design (or similar) will always be outsourced to a marketing agency. I do have my own list of marketing agencies I trust, so that’s not something you’d have to worry about. 

The program basically offers to do 70%-80% of the work, and your team (including yourself) does the remaining 20%-30%.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes I do!

If you still have a lead generation problem after completing the AuthorityUX Program (PHASE 1-4), you’ll get a full refund; plus I’ll continue working for you for free for 4 months.

Voila, it’s really that simple!

Can you elaborate on what makes your program unique?

Sure! I’ve already done the research and you’ll find all the insights here.

How soon can I expect results If we work together?

Good question!

Usually, it’s not uncommon for financial & accounting firms to take 3-4 years before figuring out what works for client acquisition and what doesn’t.

My proposition is simple: instead of having to wait 3-4 years (on average) to figure things out, why not take 6-8 months for implementation and execution?

And so, that’s exactly the amount of time the program takes to be implemented and executed. 60 days for implementation. And then 6 months for execution!

The benefit of working with consultants is that a lot of us come with batteries included! No time waisted in figuring things out!

What's the usual time commitment for your program?

Time commitment can be anywhere between 2-3 hours per week.

Remember, the program covers 70-80% of the work, and your team (including yourself) completes with the remaining 20%-30%. Also, some of the repeatable tasks will be given to your marketing team or person to handle.

What kind of firms do you usually work with?

Firms that have been running for a minimum of 2 years and have at least 1-2 employees.

How it works

Let's score your marketing

Let's assess what's been missing in your marketing with a 60-second quiz & let's give it a score!


Book a free call

With your score, you'll be invited to book a call just so that we can discuss a plan on how to fix it.


Implementation & execution

From there, we'll work together on building you a predictable 24-7 lead-gen machine! No more guessing games!


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